Steps towards the individual ideal

Manufacturing custom built-in furniture is a complex and multi-component process that involves several stages. It is important that each of these stages is carefully considered and carried out by professionals in order to realize the client’s ideas and ensure the high quality of the end product.

Consultation and Design: The first stage involves a meeting with the client to discuss their needs, tastes, and preferences regarding the design and functionality of the furniture. Based on this information, a project is developed, including sketches, drawings, and specifications.

Selection of Materials and Components: After the project is approved by the client, materials for manufacturing built-in furniture are selected. This includes choosing wood, hardware, finishing materials, and other components.

Manufacturing and Assembly: At this stage, the actual manufacturing of furniture elements takes place, followed by their assembly. The process involves cutting, processing, assembling, and attaching all parts according to the project.

Finishing and Final Touches: After assembly, the furniture undergoes finishing and final touches, which may include sanding, painting, varnishing, or other types of surface treatment.

Delivery and Installation: The final stage involves the delivery and installation of built-in furniture in the client’s premises. Professional installers ensure the correct installation and adjustment of all furniture elements so that it serves for many years.

Thus, the process of creating custom built-in furniture requires careful planning, meticulous material selection, and professional execution to meet the individual needs and preferences of the client and create a unique and functional interior piece.