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Interior and furniture designers

Become our partner in your city. Get marketing support and clients. Samples of materials and catalogs for working with clients

Construction and repair companies

Ready to become your reliable partner in furniture manufacturing. From design project development to installation

Regional partners and business owners

Open and grow your business with us! Training, clients, quality furniture

Realtors and foremen

Get a reliable partner in us who will carry out the production and installation of furniture for your clients

Our proposal

We believe that meeting your needs and expectations is our top priority. Therefore, when you choose AMATTO for designing your space, we offer the following process:
  • Become our partner in your city or region
  • Receive samples and catalogs for work
  • Get clients and projects from us
  • Earn from 2000 euros per month
  • Enjoy working
Become a partner

The result of cooperating with us

Increase your income and earn with us from 2000 euros per month on recommendations
Advantage for customers: get design and furniture
Can you hold a meeting with the client in our office (negotiations, samples, coffee, tea)
Additional income and a new direction

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Partner with Amatto: Grow your business with us!

We invite professionals from various fields to collaborate with us, ready to become our partners and gain access to a multitude of benefits:

  1. Interior and furniture designers: Gain access to marketing support and samples for working with clients.
  2. Construction and renovation companies: Consider us as a reliable partner in furniture production – from design to installation.
  3. Regional partners and businessmen: Join our team, receive training, and clients for your business.
  4. Realtors and foremen: Partnering with us will provide your clients with quality furniture and a professional approach.

Our offers:

Get clients and projects that ensure a stable income.
Hold meetings with clients in our office, having access to samples and catalogs.
Increase referral income by 2000 euros per month.

Join us today and start effective cooperation!

Partner with Amatto: Grow your business with us!