Furniture for Business Custom-Made

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Free Consultation

We will offer you two design project options taking into account real colors and sizes, and provide an accurate calculation of the furniture cost.

The development of a design project

We will listen to your wishes, advise you on materials and hardware, and also help you choose the style and type of furniture.

The conclusion of the contract

You can pay in installments without interest and after the furniture is installed.


If you like our project, the timeframe and the cost, we are ready to proceed with the contract.

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Price from the manufacturer

Price from the manufacturer

Save 10,000 lei
Payment after installation

Payment after installation

Pay for the furniture after installation


Two-year warranty for servicing and ten years for materials
Payment in installments without interest

Payment in installments without interest

Pay conveniently and without extra charges

Order furniture for your business before May 30th
and get a free design project

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Furniture for business on installment plan with 0% interest

  • Let’s develop a project
  • Approve the project and the cost
  • Sign a contract
  • Pay in installments with no interest over 12 months
  • Start payment after the furniture is installed.

Custom-made furniture for business in Chisinau!

An investment in the comfort and productivity of your employees, as well as in the image of your company.


“Amatto offers a wide range of custom-made furniture for businesses that will help you create a functional and stylish workspace that meets all your business needs. We will take into account all your preferences, the specifics of your business, and your branding style, so your furniture will be unique and recognizable.

Custom-made furniture for clinics: functional cabinets and shelves, perfect for storing tools and medications.
Custom-made furniture for restaurants: wooden and metal wine and tableware racks that combine functionality and style.
Custom-made furniture for markets: racks, showcases, and counters designed with the peculiarities of retail spaces in mind.
Custom-made furniture for boutiques: individual solutions to create a unique atmosphere and make your boutique stand out from competitors.
Custom-made furniture for shopping centers: functional and stylish interior elements that contribute to creating a comfortable atmosphere for visitors.
Custom-made furniture for hotels and salons: comfortable and aesthetic furniture that meets all the standards and requirements for hotel rooms and beauty salons.

When manufacturing custom commercial furniture at Amatto, only high-quality materials and fittings are used.
Amatto offers competitive prices directly from the manufacturer for custom commercial furniture.

Custom-made furniture for business in Chisinau!