Corner kitchen made of painted MDF
Corner kitchen made of painted MDF
Corner kitchen made of painted MDF
Corner kitchen made of painted MDF

Corner kitchen made of painted MDF

520 € / MONTH

Color: RAL 7047 (gray)
Frame: 18 mm thick chipboard with Rehau PVC edge
Countertop: Postforming, color Marble Giada blue, thickness 38 mm

The kitchen has a corner layout. This allows for a large workspace and also creates a number of convenient storage spaces.

Design project Free
Installment plan 12 months
Price from the manufacturer
Payment after installation

Project Details

The kitchen has a corner layout, which allows for a large work surface and a whole range of convenient storage spaces. At the bottom, there are wide drawers, a corner cabinet with a sink, a niche for an oven, and two cargo units on the sides. The cargo units here are 30 cm wide, enough to fit two large bottles or several jars of cereals, for example. This piece of furniture is very user-friendly, easily slides out, and provides easy access to all the items stored in the cabinet.

It should be noted that one of the cargo units is placed right by the wall with a window. When designing the set in this case, it is important to measure the height of the windowsill and the distance from the wall to the heating radiator accurately, as incorrect measurements can lead to the sliding system not opening properly, but hitting the windowsill or radiator.

The upper cabinets have a height of 91.5 cm. The interior space of elements of this size is usually divided into three shelves. In the upper tier of the cabinets, there are built-in an extractor hood, a microwave, and a dish drying rack. Drying racks typically have standard widths, so to maintain visual symmetry in the set and keep all the facades on this wall uniform, the cabinet with the drying rack is made larger, with a vertical partition added inside and small shelves made on the side.

The material of the facades in this project is painted MDF board with a matte surface. The handles are milled. The color of the facades is light gray, very soft and pastel. The countertops and the wall panel are brighter, featuring an interesting stone decor with delicate blue veins. Together, these materials create a comfortable and calm atmosphere in the kitchen.

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Order a kitchen on installment plan with 0% interest

  • Develop the project.
  • Approve the project and cost.
  • Sign the contract.
  • Make payments in installments without interest for 12 months.
  • Payment starts after furniture installation.

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