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Two bedroom apartment of 80 m2

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About the project

is not just an interior, it's an answer to the question of what modern ladies want. We created a cozy, sophisticated style and luxurious walk-in closet with two rooms and a cozy seating area so that every detail of this space matches feminine elegance.A visual increase in space is achieved through the use of mirrors and flush-mounted doors that tend to the full height of the room. This clever move creates a feeling of spaciousness and lightness, perfectly emphasizing the sophisticated style.Light shades give the interior airiness, and elements of rosewood add nobility, emphasizing the luxury of the space. White marble in the bathroom not only gives status, but also creates an atmosphere of refined elegance.The loggia has become an integral part of the bedroom, increasing its area and creating an additional space for relaxation near the panoramic window.It's not just design, it's the art of creating a space where every woman can enjoy comfort, style and luxury.

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