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One bedroom apartment of 43 m2

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About the project

Welcome to the tranquil Japandi retreat, your personal oasis of harmony and contemporary style. This 2-bedroom apartment of 43 square meters embodies all the best features of Japanese japandi style.In the center of the apartment is a combined kitchen-living room, where minimalism meets functionality. Light shades and natural materials create the atmosphere of a bright space. Open windows fill the room with natural light, and furniture with clean lines emphasizes simplicity and harmony.The bedroom, divided by large sliding partitions, integrates easily with the main area, creating an impression of freedom and spaciousness. Soft shades and gentle textures in the interior of the bedroom give it cozy and calm.The interior of Serenity Japandi perfectly blends elements of nature and modern minimalism. Plants, stones and wood accents add a natural feel to the space, creating a cozy and natural aesthetic.This apartment is designed to be your retreat where you can enjoy tranquility and harmony, removed from the hustle and bustle of the city in a Japandi inspired style.

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