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Straight kitchen in solid ash wood

650 € / MONTH

Design project Free

Installment plan 12 months

Price from the manufacturer

Payment after installation

Project details

The kitchen is done in a gentle and calm gray color. This is the main color not only of the headset, but also of the whole interior. There is an opinion that gray in the interior looks boring and strict, but this example proves the opposite: the kitchen turned out very cozy, and the shades of trim and furniture are very delicate and soft. The white countertop noticeably refreshes and enlivens the set. It is made of moisture-resistant chipboard covered with a layer of plastic. This kind of material is called postforming. It is a great alternative to more expensive stone countertops. The presented set is an example of the Natalie collection. This popular model is characterized by milled handles on the fronts. The fronts themselves are made of solid ash wood, a noble and durable material with an expressive and unique texture. Straight lines of facades, milled handles, pleasant tone of details make the kitchen modern and very interesting. In this way we get a kind of mix of material inherent in more classic interiors and a form that refers us to modern minimalism. As with all of our projects, this kitchen has been thoughtfully designed. For comfortable and easy use, high-quality and modern fittings from the Austrian manufacturer Blum are installed. These are hinges with closers and tandembox antaro drawers with glass inserts in the sides. Another small but important nuance is the front material strip that covers the front of the built-in telescopic hood. This detail does not carry any special functional load, it serves only to ensure that visually the garniture is united and nothing stands out from the harmonious structure of the facades. In this way, the hood becomes virtually invisible.